Reasons Why Crypto Whales Pour $3M into BlockDAG Within 12 Hrs Amid Falling Uniswap Prices and Tron’s Bearish Trend

The price of the UNI token has taken a hit following the postponement of a crucial fee switch proposal, recording a decrease of over 5% and continuing a downward trend that totals about 10% over the last week. Simultaneously, Tron (TRX) remains in a slump, consistently trading below crucial moving averages with a noticeable 3% drop recently.

In contrast, amidst this market volatility, BlockDAG has emerged remarkably, achieving a swift $3 million in its presale within just 12 hours, eventually reaching a staggering $46.9 million. This begs the investor community to question, “Is BlockDAG genuine?” The project’s forward-thinking model, significant achievements, and attractive returns are solidifying its position as a standout prospect in an unstable market.

UNI Token’s Value Declines Under $10 Following Delayed Fee Vote

Uniswap’s decentralised exchange has put off its fee switch proposal indefinitely, triggering a sharp fall in its UNI token value. Following the announcement, UNI plummeted more than 5%, dropping under $10 and exacerbating a week-long 10% decline.


This delay was announced on May 31 by the Uniswap Foundation, after issues were raised by an important but unnamed stakeholder. The necessity for comprehensive due diligence was emphasised, given the permanent implications of the proposed update. The delay has not been well-received within the crypto community, with some critics arguing that venture capitalists are excessively influencing the governance process.

Tron’s (TRX) Downturn: Analysis of Potential Recovery

As of May 13, Tron (TRX), ranking as the 15th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, continues its bearish trajectory, falling below key moving averages. TRX has seen a decrease of over 6.20% in the last month, with a 3% reduction in the past week and nearly 2% in the last 24 hours, as per CoinMarketCap data.

Despite this, certain technical indicators, like the diminishing red bars on the MACD and the lower boundary of the Bollinger Bands, suggest a potential upturn. Moreover, the RSI points to TRX being oversold, potentially offering investors an attractive buying point. However, market unpredictabilities necessitate comprehensive research and risk assessment before investing.


Impressive Surge in BlockDAG Presale: $3 Million in Less Than a Day

BlockDAG’s presale has been met with substantial enthusiasm, quickly gathering $3 million in less than 24 hours. This initial boost was propelled by BlockDAG’s top ranking in CoinSniper’s database and a high-profile keynote that was broadcast from the moon. Prominent displays at major global locations like Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, the Sphere in Las Vegas, and Piccadilly Circus in London have also significantly elevated its visibility and bolstered investor confidence.

The presale’s remarkable pace continued with Batch 17 being offered at $0.011, which is a 1000% increase from Batch 1’s starting price of $0.001. In total, BlockDAG has raised $46.9 million by selling 11.2 billion BDAG coins and additionally accrued $3.2 million from the sales of over 7,400 miners.

BlockDAG not only impresses with its presale achievements but also through its diverse ecosystem that offers multiple revenue streams. These include mobile mining that allows rewards collection through smartphones, specialized ASIC-based X series mining units, and opportunities for reselling these units. The platform’s referral rewards program and exclusive presale opportunities further enhance its appeal, positioning BlockDAG as an increasingly popular investment choice.


BlockDAG’s Promising Future Amid Crypto Market Fluctuations

While UNI token and Tron grapple with their respective market struggles, BlockDAG forges ahead, demonstrating robust presale achievements and innovative milestones. The ability of the project to swiftly raise $3 million in just 12 hours underscores its potential and the growing confidence among investors. Indeed, BlockDAG is real. Its model, offering passive income opportunities such as mobile mining and referral rewards, presents it as an attractive investment.


As momentum builds, BlockDAG establishes itself as an exemplar within the crypto landscape. Anyone using a Bitcoin mining calculator to evaluate profitability will find BlockDAG’s approach and early successes compelling reasons to consider it as a worthwhile investment.

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